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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Nowadays it’s easy to contribute to make the world a greener place, planting trees with the web. Click here to discover three ways to do it. Our blog did its part using Treedom to plant three beautiful little trees. Since the discover of Treedom cam through a video of Barbascura X, researcher/ scientific populariser/ YouTuber/ pirate, we decided to participate to his forest on Treedom, named “The crew’s forest =”La foresta della… Read More

In this post we are going to show you three ways in which everyone can contribute to plant trees all over the world, staying comfortably at your own desk. Why is it important? Planting trees helps to recover ecological functions and economic value lost with deforestation, improving the lifestyle of the local population, avoiding further deforestation (Lamb et al. 2005; Knoke et al. 2013). At a small scale, reforestation projects increase the… Read More

I decided to dedicate my first article on landscape architecture. The aim is to introduce my profession and to contribute, in collaboration with many other colleagues, to its spreading. While in other countries the figure of the landscape architect is well known, in Italy, from where I am writing now, it is still a pretty obscure profession. Let’s introduce some basic notions of landscape architecture that can facilitate the comprehension of this… Read More