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Suggestions for the grocery shopping

Awareness during grocery shopping is fundamental for healthy nutrition. Good news: it is not necessary to have a master degree to make informed purchases. In this post, we will give you some suggestions for diverse and healthier grocery shopping. The importance of the source The first step for correct knowledge in every field is to ensure that the source of the information is reliable. Nutrition is an argument that is often treated… Read More

LEED BUilding, design with the environment in mind

What does “LEED Building” mean? Simple, it stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. There is talk of a design approach to the construction of new buildings, with a strong eye for the environmental aspect and eco-sustainability. LEED is a voluntary certification, which can be applied to any type of building and represents the eco-LEED is a voluntary certification, which can be applied to any type of building and represents the… Read More

Our blog’s trees

Nowadays it’s easy to contribute to make the world a greener place, planting trees with the web. Click here to discover three ways to do it. Our blog did its part using Treedom to plant three beautiful little trees. Since the discover of Treedom cam through a video of Barbascura X, researcher/ scientific populariser/ YouTuber/ pirate, we decided to participate to his forest on Treedom, named “The crew’s forest =”La foresta della… Read More

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